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  1. Connect with partners (Academia, Govt. Bodies, CSOs, Parastatal Bodies) in target nations and identify their development challenges.
  2. Identify for promoting indigenous evolving alternative development programmes/flagship missions advocated by India for scalable solutions.
  3. Liaising with relevant flagship missions and other institutions implementing development programmes in India.
  4. Develop modalities for appropriate emulation in partnering countries.
  5. Contribute in upholding the virtues of inclusiveness and sustainability as per SDG mandates.
  6. Facilitate co-learning through empirical research, shared skills, best practices, exchange of human resources, etc.
  7. Draw expertise and linkages from the experiences of RIS in inter-governmental engagements, collaborations with developing countries in multilateral negotiations for furthering the objectives of GDC.
  8. Foster effective dialogues to forge strong relationship with target nations and partners through various capacity building initiatives, webinars/workshops, exchange of human resources etc.
  9. Develop GDC as a Brand for greater visibility and as centre of excellence across the globe.
  10. Develop a new ecosystem on plurality of international development showcasing best practices, innovative approaches and learning from India to intended geographies.

• Identification of innovative development solutions, best practices and case studies for replicating in partner geographies
• Lessons from micro and local level…

• Consultative outsourcing for a wide range of stakeholders from different countries and regions
• governments at the national and sub-national levels
• private…

• Promotion of partnerships with countries, governmental and non-governmental agencies, and between think tanks/civil society, private sector, etc.

• Provide support to frugal innovations emerging at the grassroots level
• Inspire well established and potential firms to develop products for underserved customers in…