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GDC seeks to showcase evidence of leadership across countries through development cooperation. This model will encourage sharing of knowledge and experience to promote suitable adoption and boost universal resilience.

The vision of GDC is to leverage enabling agenda to achieve action oriented scalable solutions and develop an ecosystem to devise all-round responses under different verticals.

GDC encourages enhanced engagement of partnering nations for studying the roles, linkages and partnerships of private and public sectors in India and the rest of the world. The horizontal and vertical integrated partnership will enable identification of the core competence and specific sectoral strengths mutually.

We at GDC not only facilitate to extrapolate but promote possible replication of successful transformative development initiatives and provide actionable solutions for partnering countries of GDC. As a concerted response towards Agenda 2030, GDC is striving to develop a new ecosystem on plurality of Global Partnership, Solidarity and Sustainable Development. We showcase best practices, innovative approaches and learning from India and its peer countries in the Global South. 

SSC & TrC: Promote indigenous development programmes/flagship missions advocated by India for scalable solutions
Knowledge Exchange: Through development cooperation among the countries of Global South
Share & Disseminate: For appropriate adoption in partnering countries from developing world
Governance Solutions: Uphold virtues of inclusiveness and sustainability as per SDG mandates

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