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Under the broad themes of Agriculture and Nutrition; Health; STI & Digital Technologies; and Development Practices and New Frameworks, GDC is undertaking the following programmes:

  1. Digital Payments for Financial inclusion. Digital payments are rapidly driving financial inclusion in developing countries. In collaboration with National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI), GDC is working with Central Banks and payment systems regulators in developing countries to support advancement of digital payment by facilitating technological transfer and capacity building based on India’s digital payment system called Unified Payment Interface (UPI).

  2. Strengthening Digital Health systems. Digital technologies significantly enhance access and delivery of health services. GDC in partnership with National Health Authority (Ministry of Health and family welfare, government of India) is facilitating transfer of India’s experience and technology on digitalization of vaccinations and other digital health information systems to other developing countries.

  3. Promoting Traditional Medicines. Alternative/traditional medicines complement efforts to achieve universal primary health care. Based on experience from India and other developing countries, GDC aims to foster integration of traditional medicines into formal health system, use of digital libraries to consolidate data on traditional medicines, development of policy and regulatory framework, medicinal plant conservation strengthening research, capacity building among others.

  4. Promoting universal Health Insurance. Universal Health Insurance promote access to care, supports positive health outcomes, incentivizes appropriate use of health care resources; and reduces financial strain on individuals, families and communities. GDC is facilitating exchange of experiences and best practices on public health insurance programmes implemented in developing countries.

  5. Sustainable agriculture and food security. Agriculture is the main driver of economic growth, employment and export earnings in developing countries. Yet the sector is exposed to several risks especially climate change, price volatilities etc. Other challenges include weak supply of quality inputs- seeds and fertilizers, poor infrastructure, post-harvest losses, limited access to credit, extension services among others. GDC interventions aims to share India’s good practices focusing on climate smart agriculture, crop insurance, digital technologies in agriculture, irrigation systems, water management, access to agricultural credit, among others.

  6. Climate Change mitigation and adaptation. The impact of climate change have increased in both intensity and frequency. Access to reliable, affordable and modern renewable energy sources especially solar energy, is critical for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Basing on India remarkable achievements it taping solar energy, GDC aims to share India’s experience with other developing countries. GDC also aims to foster exchange of experiences among developing countries on development of early warning systems, disaster resilient infrastructure, among others.